New York: He Who Gave Graffiti a Voice

Banksy Does New York Documentary Was it the mystery behind who Banksy (or Ban-Sky as he calls himself) is, or the crazy amount of audience that earned his graffiti (or art work, as media sees it) respect? What authorities often times call vandalism, is glorified in HBO’s 2014 original documentary film: Banksy Does New York. … Continue reading New York: He Who Gave Graffiti a Voice


Nepal Diaries: Top Five Places To Visit In Kathmandu

Have you ever felt intoxicated, amazed and exhausted all at the same time? Yes, that’s exactly what Nepal’s capital city can effortlessly stir within you. In spite of the jam-packed traffic and thick pollution, Kathmandu has a distinctive aura. With temples and monasteries in every corner, this city instantly has you dancing to its beat. … Continue reading Nepal Diaries: Top Five Places To Visit In Kathmandu

The Girl With The Travel Tattoo

A little bit about me, I am a classic case of ADD, period! Change is the only constant in my life and I made myself awfully comfortable being uncomfortable. My upbringing was such, that we (my family) moved houses every two or so years, and the time in between, was spent traveling between our two … Continue reading The Girl With The Travel Tattoo

Five Things I Learnt In 2017

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.” Rolling on my bed and reflecting, I realized how much 2017 has molded me. I learnt to enjoy my own company and appreciate whoever chose to grace me with theirs. To read about what my travels taught me, check out … Continue reading Five Things I Learnt In 2017

Looking back: Nepal, Italy, India

Switching forth between my two homes, Dubai (UAE) and Virginia (USA), 2017 has been a series of leaps I am so very proud of. I opened my eyes on the first of Jan this year in Bali and wished to spend my life this happy and free. So I asked the tattoo artist to draw … Continue reading Looking back: Nepal, Italy, India

A Week On The Appalachian Trail

That’s the thing about fear; it never goes away, you just find ways to overcome it by becoming tougher and then lie to yourself till you face it again. So many people chase their fears hoping they would vanish. I did too. Appalachian Trail, as much as it felt like a calling, a part of … Continue reading A Week On The Appalachian Trail

A Wanderlust Daydream

I am one distracted adult. It is 7 pm on a Thursday night and I am on the second last row in my Geology class of 60 students, fidgeting in restlessness, ready to leave for the day. Right, my legs can’t always wander, so this imaginative mind takes over for it. Somewhere in between plate … Continue reading A Wanderlust Daydream

Lake Como – How I covered three cities in a day

Milano > Como > Bellagio > Varenna > Milano You have limited time and are on a tight budget due to all the money you have spent  shopping in the expensive fashion capital - Milano, yet you want to make the most of your weekend away from the city's bustle; what do you do? Travel … Continue reading Lake Como – How I covered three cities in a day

KAZI SHERPA – The Mount Everest Record Breaker

In 1998, a mere human being became a legend. A Nepali Mountaineer, Kazi Sherpa, defied all odds, as he set forth for a record breaking journey - to climb the highest peak in the world aka the Mount Everest (8,848 m) in only 20 hours and 24 minutes without supplemental oxygen.  As I spent my … Continue reading KAZI SHERPA – The Mount Everest Record Breaker


Nepal, a country often overlooked in terms of travel destination as it is seen as a lost space between India and China, is in fact by far one of the most substantial countries I have ever set foot in. Home to an exquisite marvel of nature, the Himalayan Mountain Range, Nepal has had a luscious … Continue reading NEPAL ON A BACKPACK