TIME, her only companion

On her it stalks,

Every single step taken,

And each mile she walks,

With each vanishing crime, being gifted another token.

Her fate it chooses,

Destiny of its choice,

Not at all caring what she looses,

Claiming itself to be more witty and wise.

Rude, Ruthless, Ruining,

And still, her only companion in the end,

Fighting her and always winning,

Even on her dreadly pleads, not a past it could lend,

Wait O wait! Even if it’s just for a second,

So secretive, I wonder what for?

Stealing happiness and other times sadness this awkward friend,

Creator of peace, Creator of war.

Keeps on moving & never tired,

In everyone’s life appearing immortal,

With not a reflection of its own to be admired,

Leaving her behind in the rising tempest so fatal.

Falls she falls, Suffers she suffers,

With each lesson learnt,

Next tougher,

And old path burnt.

When she was young it had to guide,

And now grown wrinkled old,

Close to her death, It’s the only one by her side,

And its last words to her, ‘Now you know the difference b/w HOT and COLD’!

-Arushi Sachan

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