A gain from loss…..

The way leading you far inside

Faced with the storm so stark

Where emperors of HATE and LOVE reside

In the cave so dark .


And in this war of worlds

Another tempest arose

In fire, in tears, in sorrow and fear

The tides clashed upon you in its highs and lows.


To you, nothing was quiet visible

And yet, they stood so carefully vigilant

Your spirits way too numb and dull

No one was at all aware of what was being cooked and what it meant.


The graveyard absorbed the silence

Where zombies created their throng

Panicking innocence and aggravating violence

Shuddered the right and rose the horrendous wrong.


No back-off

Not a single new way

Till, nevertheless , a bitter giant turned into a harmless tiny dwarf

And on the floor wrapped in blood, beside him you lay.


So surprised you lost your fear?

Experienced the pain

And now you are here

Had you not put yourself into a completely new dimension, you wouldn’t have found no astonishing gain!

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  1. Arushi, it is beautiful. I am surprised that my child has become so deep thinker. love papa


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