What To Wear To A Networking Dinner

It’s a typical summer night at Boston and you are about to network with a bunch of entrepreneurs from around the world over piquant dinner and tangy drinks. What would you wear? How would you style yourself? How much make up is just the right amount?


The perfect cocktail


Having dinner under massive chandeliers and amongst huge pillars can confuse many. But the simplest way to tackle it is to focus on the theme and the invitees – is it a fashion dinner? is it amongst businessmen? is it a celebration?

Once the theme has been figured out, its the outfit, accessories and make up. Is a dress appropriate for this event? how formal/casual? Shadowy, shimmery or just cat eyes?





Since tonight was all about networking, a semi formal was just perfect with a touch up of light bronze shadowy eye and loud metallic golden jewelry on an eerie noir outfit.

Black Top: Zara

Metallic/bronze Necklace: Topshop

Metallic/gold Ring: H&M

Make up: Eyeshadow Palette by Estee Lauder, Highlighter/Concealer by Mac, Contouring by Victorias Secret, Compact Powder by Loreal Paris, Brow liner by Anastasia, Eye liner by Mac, Volume Mascara and Lipstick by Estee Lauder coated with Nude Nyx lipgloss.

How to finish this entire look before I pick up my bag to leave? A Burberry exploded check linen Scarf around my neck– An excellent complement to the black.




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