Top Five Things You Experience When You Turn 20



‘What’s it like to turn 20?’ I always thought to myself; freedom, college, a set ambition, and a large group of friends with stylish shoes and bags like me- A time when I’d have everything figured out.

On the contrary I have never been more neutral.  Last night, I turned 20. For how extra ordinary it may sound, it felt very ordinary. Everyone hitting this age is probably going through a transitional phase in their life. I’m in the junior year in my University, with the friends that I’ve had for the past two years, still trying to figure out whether my career is for me or not. But through my journey there are five most useful things that I’ve learnt having spent two decades of my life.

When you turn 20:

  1. Changes in your appearance will stagnate

It’s time you are going to have to realize that your height won’t grow anymore and the only changes that your body will go through will be either your weight gain/loss or development of wrinkles.

  1. Learning a new skill will become harder

Remember the time grasping a skill was way easy on your mind and body due to your receptivity? Not anymore! It gets way harder as your overall receptivity to a new skill is indirectly proportional to your growth.

  1. There is a pressure from life to settle down

You will see your friends getting married, getting babies, new houses and stable jobs. That can put a lot of mental pressure on you.

  1. You will have a stronger sense of identity 

On the positive side however, due to all the decisions you’d have made individually, you’ll feel like you’ve never known yourself better. A new sense of independence begins to thrive within you.

  1. You will look back at your 16-year-old version to realize how much you have changed

Are you saying you survived through your teenage years without turning a new leaf? Who are you kidding?


Your truly…







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