BEAT THE HEAT – Top Five Must-Have Beauty Products This Summer

Summer essentials

It’s half past summer and a perfect time to rejuvenate and look after your precious body. This season I chose some exciting skin quenching products that I’ve been using for the past month be it for body, face or hair. From them, the top 5 beauty essentials to beat the scorching heat are:

  1. LUSETA: MACADAMIA & ARGAN OIL (Shampoo and Conditioner) 


For it’s earthy nature, a blend of natural oils- Australian Macadamia oil with Moroccan Argan oil to regenerate and moisturize the scalp tops my list of summer beauty products. The shampoo strengthened my hair with its Vitamins B complex, Vitamin E and heavy proteins. Moreover, it’s soothing scent dominated by both oils leaves my hair feeling instantly soft and healthy. As I apply the conditioner, there is an instant sense of nourishment and the feel of silkiness as I run my fingers through my hair. Notice the smooth texture of your hair after the shower.


  1. CLINIQUE: dramatically different moisturizing lotion


This one’s a product I genuinely love, and will continue to use for the rest of the year. It gives my skin instant hydration and stays for most of the day conveniently enough. One of the best things about this lotion is that it keeps your skin moist without the ‘oily’ element and brings on a noticeable glow to the face. You will notice the difference within two weeks if you apply it twice daily as recommended by Clinique professionals.


  1. LANCOME: HYDRA FRAÎCHELLE (Body Moisturizer)


Then there’s an ultimate revival for your dehydrated summer skin- Lancome’s Hydra Fraichelle!

What makes it an ultimate summer must have? – the fact that it is lightweight, i.e. your skin absorbs it instantly as you apply it on. Moreover, it smells fresh and leaves no greases. I feel pampered each time I apply it for it smoothens my skin and gives out a peaceful aroma.


  1. ESTEE LAUDER: Advanced Night Repair serum


Every summer calls for a more radiant, younger look and Estee lauder’s night repair serum has the spell for you, ladies!

There are no ends to the number of times your make up and concealer puts a stretching and contracting force on your skin, leaving wrinkled portions. This product is your ultimate long term weapon against ageing skin in the way you look and feel. Applying it brightens my face and easily sinks into my skin leaving no greasy spots.


  1. NEUTROGENA: DEEP CLEAN (Daily Scrub and Facial Cleanser)


Like the minty-cool feeling on your face early morning or right before sleep?

Then the Daily scrub is just the right product for you! Applying it every night by gently scrubbing on my face gives me the most refreshing feeling. It is more for oily skin type but I use it even though my skin is dry just because of its quality and effectiveness.

The same goes for the Facial cleanser- it’s either/or! For Dry skin users, I recommend using moisturizer right after.


And off course, I’m not one to leave you with just that, right?

Here are some of my recent summer-to-go look buys:



Yours truly,

Arushi Sachan






One response to “BEAT THE HEAT – Top Five Must-Have Beauty Products This Summer”

  1. Gajraj Singh Sachan Avatar
    Gajraj Singh Sachan

    Congratulations Arushi! Good you have utilised your time this summer in this n other activities. God bless you to succeed in all your endeavours.
    Today Papa will be reaching you in next few hours and then Sahitya too by evening. Whole family will there be to gather to enjoy. God bless you all. Amma n Dada.


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