Crushing Four Most Common Misconceptions About Fashion


Early on in life, I began to develop strong feelings of dislike toward fashion due to the stigma associated with it. But it was never fashion that was the root of the problems; it was society’s standards of beauty – be it for men or women, and whats worse? it became their bible, consequently leading to self doubt, health problems and depression.

There are a lot of misconceptions that float around the idea of fashion and beauty. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and fashion is anything you make it-Yes, YOU! Once you realize that, the power is in your hands. Look at it this way, you call it society’s standards, but who makes the society?

As a daughter to a fashion designer, having been raised in one of the worlds most fashionable cities, Dubai, being surrounded by size two women, and constantly being mocked by relatives for not fitting their standards of beauty, I grew up letting others’ poison infect my veins into believing that I am not good enough. Killing the self doubt became one of my biggest aims in life.

As I learnt to get comfortable in my own skin, there came along a big lesson – not to blindly follow society and media. There are a few really inaccurate misconceptions about fashion that you have to crush before you can truly fully understand and appreciate fashion:

  1. If it’s fashionable, it must be expensiveimg_7023

The worst thing to assume, is that fashion is for the rich. Fashion was not created to segment the society. Rather, I believe it is just like any other art form- music, painting, or writing. Emotions are it’s currency and all you have to be able to do, is to appreciate the creativity that goes into it.

That being said, there are always people who can afford expensive brands. But that doesn’t mean that those who don’t, cannot look equally as fashionable with their resources. Besides, many famous fashion designers started really small before their ideas clicked and customers demanded more than they could produce, increasing their market value vertically. Classic examples are Tommy Hilfiger and Coco Chanel.

  1. Being Fashionable means to follow trendsimg_7011

You don’t have to be pressurized to buy every new bag or perfume in the market just because it is the new trend and everybody owns it. I mean you can, but only of you are genuinely interested.

It bothers me a little that so many of us are crowd followers and so little of us are trend setters. I still thank the woman who took her old choker from 1999 and wore it in our bling new age of 2015. She bought the choker back and two years later, women are still slaying in chokers. It is so important to realize that designers are creative people who work hard to create fashion, but your style is what makes the trends at the end of the day; so let no one ever tell you that you are dressed inappropriately for any event- You can never be too much or too little as long as you are yourself!

  1. It’s all in the clothesimg_7009

Really? ‘it’s all in the clothes’, ‘it’s all about the clothes’, ‘only the best dressed girl will be the prom queen’. No No No! This is why people look at this art as something materialistic. Clothes do not give you meaning, you give clothes meaning.

I’m sure you must know someone who dresses flawlessly, yet are energetically a bore. On the contrary you must know someone who looks completely uncoordinated, yet ends up making everyone in the room laugh. At the end of the day, there is no fashion without your own style and how you carry yourself.

  1. Fashion is only for the sleekimg_7015

‘We want only size zero blonde models’; ‘5’7’’ is the minimum height in the industry’; ‘she has to be able to wear 6.5’’ stilettos’ – And this is not even it. Fashion is ALL INCLUSIVE. 16th century Europe considered plump men and women beautiful and today many starve to get to beauty.

If anything, fashion teaches us the lesson of self-acceptance and acceptance of others’ beauty. Every single being on this earth is equally the product of a miracle that cannot be fathomed. When we are all humans granted with the same body parts, why do we destroy each other with such shallow limitations?


*All the pictures in this post are original and subject to claimed but not legal copyrights. The camera used to capture these pictures is Canon EOS 50D. For more information, contact me via email or leave your comments in the section below. Please feel free to provide feedback or just share your thoughts! 🙂


Arushi Sachan



  1. tbymallano says:

    Lovely outfit! I agree with you in all 4 points, one really doesn’t need much money to look good! I just followed you to not miss a thing!
    Love from

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