Advantages of Travelling Solo

photo-feb-19-18Arushi Sachan, Feb 2017

After walking on the streets of New York for hours in a row last thanksgiving, I went to Starbucks to take a little break and enjoy my green tea latte, as I stared outside the glass window at how people passed- they came and went, just like the season itself, and I smiled to myself.

A couple that sat beside me, asked with curious eyes, ‘You can’t be from around here?’. I nodded, asking what made them think that- they replied, ‘You look like you are too much at peace for being a New Yorker!’ We ended up talking for hours about how they came from Ireland for a week and how different the lifestyle back home was. They were happy to find someone who could relate. Today I am in touch with their little kids, who I didn’t even get to meet, who are in fact regular readers of my blog!

So why travel solo? Do you think I could have had this beautiful experience if I was with a travel buddy?

There are so many advantages to travelling solo:


March 2015 @ Orlando, Fl

I call these the ‘F TRIO’ of travel


ling, and they are the ultimate mantra to enjoy your trip! Taking on the world one country at a time can be so much easier if it is done on your own terms and at your own pace. There aren’t travel buddies you have to catch up with or vice versa- you have the freedom to create your own timeline as you go and do whatsoever pleases you. Selfish, but for all the good reasons! There’s nothing more fun than the combined feeling of freedom and flexibility- you become a metaphor for the flowing water.


October 2016 @ Austin, TX

Travelling on your own will push you to talk to new people, try new things, eat different food, learn foreign languages, and best of all- experience their culture first hand. The urge to try the taco in the food truck you saw while you were passing by, the train ride that wasn’t on your list of itinerary, or even a detour to an old village that is in ruins now and you’ve only heard stories from locals about- travelling solo gives you the liberty to open up your mind to an infinity and act upon your curiosity.

SELF EMPOWERMENTphoto-mar-02-15

July 2016 @ Phuket, Thailand

You will get to know yourself better when you breathe the air of a new city on your own. How? Every time you travel to a new country, you are on your own. You can either choose to stay in a hotel or go out and explore as much as you can; you could hike 5 miles and relax or you could go non-stop till you reach your destination- you can do whatever you want and be whoever you want when nobody is watching.

The only difference is, you are watching even if nobody is. Every decision you make, how far you can push yourself before you collapse, every feeling, moment and step- you are 100% responsible for!

You learn to enjoy your own company and become the reason for your own happiness. It’s pretty liberating and a very good confidence booster.

SAVING MONEYphoto-mar-02-24

June 2014 @ Kerala, India

By travelling alone, you create your own itinerary, and hence you end up saving a lot of money. You realize that it isn’t as important for you to sleep like a king or a queen at a hotel as it is to go and try your favourite food, adventure sport or visit the famous museum, and hence you act based upon your opportunity cost and get better in terms of financing your funds.

I have a few friends who even use their freedom of being solo, to take up part time jobs such as translating, serving as a bartender or even travel writing to sustain their journeys.



October 2016 @ Austin, TX 

Above all, by travelling alone, you fill the empty pages of the book that is YOU. People always tell me that I have all my life to travel, why now? I cannot undo the trips I took to new countries before I even started school (thanks ma and pa)! In school, they taught me to read about the world through textbooks. But it wasn’t the same; yes, I did learn a lot through my text books, but only traveling to those countries sparked feelings within me, feelings that are unique to each country and stay within me forever.

For instance, when you say Kenya, I instantly smell the air, feel the sensations of the fresh grass and nostalgically remember how a couple of hippos tried to mess with my room’s window when I was trying to sleep in a cabin one night. It was terrifying back then and I thought I was about to die, but it’s the reason I’m smiling as I write this today, four years later!


June 2014 @ Kerala, India

You see, sometimes taking risks can be rewarding!

*All the pictures in this post are original and subject to claimed but not legal copyrights. The cameras I used to capture these pictures are my iPhone 7 and  Canon EOS 50D. For more information, contact me via email or leave your comments in the section below. Please feel free to provide feedback or just share your thoughts! 🙂

Until tomorrow,

Arushi Sachan 

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