On Sunday, 5th of March, I had the opportunity of seeing the 39th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Winter Park, which is the only one of it’s kind in Central Florida. A delight to the eyes of  locals and foreigners, a total of 75 organizations/units participated. The only difference that make the whole experience unique, was that they were not the only ones to participated- The audience was equally as involved in their shamrock green dresses and joyful spirited attitudes. Yes, there was Irish music, some killer tap dance moves and  hundreds of happy people. Here are a few snapshots that I took at the N Park Ave and E Morse Blvd intersection.

Photo Mar 06-11

Photo Mar 06-15

Photo Mar 06-10

Photo Mar 06-14

Photo Mar 06-12

Photo Mar 06-8

Photo Mar 06-7

Photo Mar 06-6

Photo Mar 06-4

Photo Mar 06-5

Photo Mar 06-13

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*All the pictures in this post are original and subject to claimed but not legal copyrights. The camera I used to capture these pictures is Canon EOS 50D. For more information, contact me via email or leave your comments in the section below. Please feel free to provide feedback or just share your thoughts! 🙂

until next time,

Arushi Sachan




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