Photo Feb 19-20You are whole

From your soft skin

To your dark brown eyes

And the dimple when you smile

Your wrinkles under those eyes pile

This is how you know

You are whole

And darling

You smell like the first bloom of spring

Your sound like the soft hum of summer

Like the glistening water you flow

And like whistling winds you blow

You are something else

Made up of shards of Art

How you paint everything red

And love yourself to the bone

How you give birth to flowers

With words you build broken towers

You are that Art

Chasing every mystery

Breathing through your reverie

Falling in love with the unknown

Till you break like dawn

And all your demons are gone

For you transform into infinity

Oh dear warrior

How you wink at this tempest

The way you swallow every single moment

These fleeting arrows you bear

Feel those sturdy wings you wear

Seeping through your skins cracks

I see, your beautiful warrior

And then Everything

From the collisions in this Universe

And earth’s unending attempts to meet the moon

To a fertile mind bearing heaven and hell

How every wrong you live to quell

Pouring grace like that of a goddess

And a mouth with a subtle yet poisonous sting

To me,

You are fucking Everything






2 responses to “SELF LOVE”

    1. Arushi Sachan Avatar

      Thank you 🙂


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