Scuba Diving – One Of The Best Learning Experiences

Photo Mar 19
One of the best experiences of my life has been learning how to Scuba Dive. In the beginning of this semester at Uni, I was registering for my classes and I stumbled upon this one-credit Scuba diving class that my university partnered with PADI to offer. I wasn’t able to resist my urge and so I signed up for it.

It’s been three months now, and I am loving every second of my experience. Yes, I was scared as hell in the beginning and I was the least fit of my classmates. But as soon as I did my first few deep dives, I realized that up in the sky isn’t the only world that exists in this planet – there is an infinity down below as well.

Photo Mar 19-4Photo Mar 20Through my third and fourth week, not only was I building leg muscle, I was also experiencing a very peaceful and meditative state of mind whenever I went to the deep end of our school swimming pool (14 m deep dive). The way PADI teaches scuba diving, there is theory and practical learning. The theory consisted of all the physics that you need to know about pressure and how your body deals with it. The practical (and fun) part consisted of learning all skills underwater. I invested in my scuba gear and it costed me around 150$ for good fins and snorkel. This May or June, I will be doing my first open water dive- the final step before I earn my certification. I cannot wait!

Photo Mar 19-3

until next time,

Arushi Sachan


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