Here is a glimpse of the 9 absolutely phenomenal women that I have the opportunity to share the stage with tomorrow on the 15th of April at the first annual Phenomenal Women’s Conference!  I am very grateful to the Director of James Madison University’s DUX Leadership Center, Erica Eckel to give me the most amazing opportunity for fulfilling my passion to serve, celebrate and empower women!


    2016 Staff Photos
    Taken for JMU Technology and Design by Amanda Harvey. All rights reserved. No usage without permission.

“The word phenomenal can be thought about in two ways. One being something or someone that is extraordinary. The other, something or someone that is perceived through experience, something that is sensed. I am so grateful to have always been surrounded by people who I consider to be phenomenal, and I believe that they were brought to me by some sort of magical phenomena fueled by positivity and intention. I truly believe that we all have the power to create our reality, manifest our dreams, and leave behind a meaningful legacy. That is what this conference is about for me. What started as a simple thought in the library, is now unfolding before my eyes. The Phenomenal Women’s Conference will bring young girls and established women together to encourage mentorship, positive role models, and female empowerment. I want people to walk out of this conference feeling rejuvenated, inspired, and ready for action. Let us celebrate you we are and who we can be! It’s time to become the you, you were always meant to be. Let’s learn together what it means to be phenomenal.”



Kirsten Moore is owner of The Hub Coworking, a marketing professional, writer, food lover and serial entrepreneur. With six successful startups spanning 15 years, a painful divorce, and one personal reinvention later, Kirsten has learned the art of living fearlessly in the midst of constant evolution, never shying away from an opportunity or starting a conversation that matters. She and her husband have mad love for Downtown Harrisonburg and have made it home along with their three sons (one of whom is a JMU student) and two male dogs. With so much testosterone in her life, she is grateful for the opportunity to connect with and celebrate phenomenal women.


  1. SARAH CHASE – FACILITATOR 1Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 1.30.59 PM

“Hi! I’m Sarah. I’m just a girl who likes to write. I’m a sucker for a good cup of coffee or tea; unique words tickle my fancy; mountains move me to the deepest level; traveling and being uncomfortable are my favorite pastimes; the word that best describes me is ‘eclectic’ ; hearing people’s stories makes me the most passionate and telling people’s stories gives me the most purpose in my life. I believe each woman has a soul worth baring and a heart worth sharing because each woman is breathtaking. Let’s talk about that, shall we?”


  1. CORALIE NORRIS – FACILITATOR 217634684_10212252859100319_1506666592865310744_n

“For me, women empowerment, is about supporting, encouraging and mentoring women in a way in which we can help each other achieve our full potential, be happy and be successful in whatever it is, we decide to undertake. Women empowerment is about genuinely wanting the best for our female peers and allowing our actions to reflect that. It’s not a political agenda, it’s not a social concept, or a business slogan. It’s a way of life, a conscious and active choice on who we decide to be for our present selves, our future selves and for others.”



“I am a student, a researcher, a special needs attendant, a sister, a lover of plants and a musician- but above all of these titles, I am a phenomenal woman, and I am enough. To me, women’s empowerment is found somewhere on the line between pushing women to be their best self and shouting over the societal noise that ‘YOU ARE ENOUGH’. Empowerment is listening to what women need, rather than telling them. It is collaboration, support, and sisterhood. It is recognizing each woman you meet as a teacher from which you can learn. Women’s empowerment is gathering together, at a conference like this one, to learn and grow together. I can’t wait to see what we can accomplish together.”


  1. HANNAH MELOMO –  FACILITATOR 4thumbnail_IMG_7317

“Hi!! I’m Hannah. I get distracted by looking at the sky and can’t go a day without laughing at myself. I think each day that the sun rises is a blessing and that heaven exists in a good cappuccino. Sometimes the chaos of the world distracts me from believing in myself, but if there’s anything that those lessons have taught me time and time again is that I have the sun in my bones and I am meant to share that light with those around me. I AM a phenomenal woman who wants to do everything I can to help other women see that they were put on this earth to be exotic and unique and bring a force to the world that no one else could. ‘Cause we are women, phenomenally.”


  1. BREANNE MARTIN – FACILITATOR 517888214_10206653602617408_1417561921_n

“Greetings! My name is Breanne. Forgive me if any of my grammar is off; for math is my favorite language to speak. I am lucky enough to still be unearthing my passions but as of now I am driven by a fascination with technology and a yearn to serve. I believe that encouraging women in STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Math) is one of my greatest responsibilities because the perspectives they have to offer the industry will revolutionize everything. Although I study engineering I do not think that has to define my personality type or goals. I am unashamed to foster my outgoing, communicative, femininity in a male-dominated field. A power drill in one hand and a makeup brush in the other – I embrace them simultaneously.”


  1. NAJEEHA KHAN – FACILITATOR 617909527_953939174742826_840353952_n

“Hey fam, I’m Najeeha! I have a passion for learning and getting to know the world around me every single day. Part of my life journey is building relationships with many different kinds of people. I’m a proud Muslim woman–made in Pakistan, built in America. My motto in life is: if not you, then who? YOU are a phenomenal woman. I am a phenomenal woman. And we will grow together.”



“Hi! I’m Ashlyn, and I’m a happy soul with a love for yoga, writing, reading, and connecting with others. Before practicing yoga, I didn’t have a concept of what it meant to love myself, to be comfortable and at home in my body. Over time, yoga has connected me to those spaces within both my body and mind that I hid from. And believe me, it’s a practice. Of movement, breath, intention, and release. An active process that unfolds each time I step onto my mat. When we come together with this intention, we honor and celebrate each other’s journey, we hold space for each other to be unapologetically and authentically ourselves, and we shine our light to show others the way home.”


  1. ARUSHI SACHAN – MASTER OF CEREMONIEScropped-33052632373_1590d06c4d_o

Last but not least, I am Arushi and I will be walking you through the event, just like I have, with all our phenomenal facilitators. An inspired inspirer, what I create from within, overflows without in splashed colors of my paint brush and the flamboyant tip of the pen I write with and the tongue that I express with. In my map are the experiences of over ten countries, five languages and an endless journey of self-acceptance. In a cyclical pattern, curiosity fills me up and the universe’s answers empty me. I want tomorrow to be just that – a canvas so empty that all our combined feelings, yours of seeking and mine of giving – fill us up and create a cycle where we all grow immensely as we learn from each other.


For more information on the conference, click on this link 🙂


Arushi Sachan




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