Five Things I Learnt In 2017

“Don’t be satisfied with stories, how things have gone with others. Unfold your own myth.”

Rolling on my bed and reflecting, I realized how much 2017 has molded me. I learnt to enjoy my own company and appreciate whoever chose to grace me with theirs.

To read about what my travels taught me, check out my last blog of 2k17, Looking back: Nepal, Italy, IndiaAmongst many other things that I’ve learnt, these five stood out to me the most this past year: 




It is easy to say that the world is unfair, without actually understanding it. Some people benefit more than others because of their position. What is unfair here, is their sense of entitlement and promotion of ‘equality’ (where a penny extra to everyone equally makes the rich richer, whereas the poor are still poorer than the rich) instead of ‘equity’ (where a penny extra only to poorer people brings them at level with the rich). It is often people who are privileged that are higher up in the social hierarchy and hence those who make the rules. It is ideal that they recognize this and promote equity to achieve ‘fair’.



There is no growth until you challenge your convictions. Progress calls for discomfort and zestfulness. I for one, found it horrifying but at the same time enriching to step out of my comfort zone and face my fears. I conquered heights, fell in love, traveled solo, learnt a new language and had two social media detoxes. In the process I lost nothing but my worst enemy, my fear.



Simple – what would you choose, stress or freedom? It’s liberating letting go and swaying with the flow no matter what life throws at you. Control only causes attachment in whatever context which creates excess baggage; and when is excess baggage ever fun to carry when you can roam around freely without any inhibitions!



The sun rises after night’s darkness; it’s pure law of nature. Similarly, the stronger you strive to be, the weaker you have to be prepared to be. Weakness is as existent as are all other laws of nature. What we fail to do is accept it and learn from it, instead of denying it. While it is great to focus on your strengths, it is also important to understand your weaknesses and honor them.



On your highway to success, amongst other tolls, there are people who make you pay by doubting your capabilities. It is of utter importance to surround yourself with people who help you grow and water you green. Being headstrong in achieving your dreams no matter how idealistic, is 50% of the dream achieved.


Life is too short to spend it trying to protect yourself from the muddy world outside. I’d say you go out and roll right in it and then tell me that doesn’t make you feel invincible. Here’s to optimism, success and limitlessness; Happy New Year/ Naya saal Mubarak/ Bonne Année/ Buon anno/ Feliz año nuevo, folks!!





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