The Girl With The Travel Tattoo


A little bit about me,

I am a classic case of ADD, period! Change is the only constant in my life and I made myself awfully comfortable being uncomfortable. My upbringing was such, that we (my family) moved houses every two or so years, and the time in between, was spent traveling between our two homes, UAE and India. I changed schools four times, and my major in college thrice (Thank god it wasn’t the college I changed itself!). I also got bored and started teaching myself languages in broken fragments.

Let’s not even touch base on how many times I change my mood a day.

But that’s not the point; while a huge chunk of people who constitute the word ‘society,’ think that constant changes make one ‘unstable’, I am not to condemn, but merely think otherwise. Socrates, whose teachings are of utmost importance to my current philosophy professor for good reason, said that the thing about happiness is that, “All human beings naturally desire happiness“. 


Happiness, in this society of ours (regardless of what Socrates said), is earned, or in other words, like money, as our subconscious taps the term ‘earned’, requires our blood and sweat. So if both money and happiness are to be earned, then our mind automatically tells us that we need to work our asses off to earn money, in order to be happy.

But here’s the deal; money does play a good chunk of role in determining a lot of people’s happiness, but it is not the key to happiness. What truly makes people happy is what they do after they have that money in hand. Some travel, others buy jewelry — your call.

But why not cut to the chase? Why make ourselves miserable to just once in a blue moon catch a glimpse of happiness?

Many may disagree, but I personally was never a ‘9-5 in my tiny cubicle who comes home and complains’ kinda person. I fell in love with traveling early on, and I hands down chased it stubborn as the full moon’s tides, until nature give in to me. Sure, universe might have plans for us, but I knew that we were given a pair of legs just for ourselves to use/control, so I didn’t take them for granted.



My parents still hate traveling and give me every reason to get a ‘stable job’ so that I could go on occasional self-funded extravagant trips. But alas, why am I to catch only glimpses of happiness when it is already so abundant in every particle of who I want to become?

So I started travel blogging, the cliche ‘non-rule’ writing, that people are painfully being made to appreciate by new media. At first, it was boredom on mere trip to Boston to drop off my dad to college. It was all Harvard Square, duck tour, Charles River, and everything it made me feel.

Slowly, I saw myself being pulled in, as if I were in some deep meditation, where all answers that lay beneath emerged. I began to write inspired; by the people, the world, and fashion. What crept up before I realized, was my yearning to take in the nature. I was especially inspired by those miracles that lay beyond the human’s creation; beyond technology, buildings, cars, clothes, and shoes.


I fell in love with this journey of nature.

Two years old, this blog, my baby, has given my soul zest, confidence, hopefulness, and inspiration. I have not only manifested cash through ads, but have managed to quench my thirst for adventure by trekking the Himalayas and hiking the AT, pursue writing, my favorite unwinding hobby as an entire career, work freelance gigs as I make excellent connections and friends, and simply travel, for the sake of damnit being in the sky above the world and on land across oceans to just breathe freedom. Not to mention, I did this all while being a busy and involved college student.


Few IMPORTANT announcements: 


Genuinely thanking all my readers, subscribers, stumblers and believers,






  1. Paul Corgan says:

    Love this one, Arushi! So cool to see you prioritizing what you want in life and earning happiness!


  2. Gajraj Singh Sachan says:

    I read your 26th Jan trot, its very well written, you broufht out, whats in your inner being. Well done. I also noted your next three months plan. Keep moving ahead but do keep goal in sight. Knowledge is the base for every thing in life. So have passion to acquire it. Then you can use it as deemed appropriate.

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  3. Srijan says:


    Liked by 1 person

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