Me on my open water dive

Scuba Diving With Al Boom Diving, UAE

Me on my open water dive

So I finally earned my Padi Scuba Diving Certificate, thanks to Al Boom Diving UAE.

From Kuwait in 1987 to UAE in 1995, Al Boom Diving has earned its credentials as the ‘best diving school in UAE’. It is not only partnered with the best dive sites in UAE for water sports, but is also a school for creating well-rounded scuba divers and instructors.

Yes, the staff is friendly, but more importantly, they are very accommodating. There were so many times that I wasn’t able to attend the scheduled days due to unexpected commitments, and they managed to help me build a course around my convenience and availability.

Scuba gear assembled

I completed the very first course a diver takes in her journey- the Open Water Divers course. It is a four day PADI course with two confined dives (in a pool) and two open water dives (at the beach). There are five theory chapters with five corresponding quizzes and a final exam that need to be completed before the open water dives. You must be a minimum of 10 years old and physically fit to start diving. Nothing in the entire process is hard at all, if there is any fear, it is all in your mind. If a child that young is allowed to do it, so can you. Besides, the instructors stick by you throughout the process.

My first two confined water dives were in Al Boom Diving Center – Al Wasl, Dubai, UAE (you can opt for Fujairah too). I took my theory quizzes and exam there too. My third dive, which was an open water dive was at Jumeirah Beach. We entered from the shore and descended swimming to in the deep to 6 m depth. The visibility was quite poor, so it was a bummer. My fourth dive though, which was the final open water dive to earn the certificate was in Dibba, Fujairah. The two 14 m dives here in the Hole in the wall and Shark Island were phenomenal with a visibility of 7 m.

I loved my Instructor Niko during the confined water dive. He was really funny and a chilled out dude. My final dive instructor in Fujairah was Bong, another amazing human being who really stuck by me till the end and made sure I knew what I was doing. He also showed me around in the deep and I was truly left mesmerized by the flora and fauna. I knew in that moment that an addiction grew in me- the nice kind that’ll last a lifetime.

Practicing with Niko
Practicing with Niko

If you are a girl like me wanting to Scuba but not knowing where to start, get your inspiration from Sarah Richard’s Girls That Scuba. If you are in UAE and want to get started right away, get in touch with Al Boom Diving, they are the friendliest group of staff and will walk you through everything and answer all your questions. Last but not least, if you have any more questions about my experience scuba diving, please do not hesitate to comment below or email me


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