Google Translator Ups Its Game For Travelers

Language barrier is one of the biggest battles when traveling abroad. It is the gateway to a culture and its people. The constant deciphering of a different language can get overwhelming, especially when you have to keep asking around, decoding everything from road signs to restaurant menus.

A solution is overdue, and for it, Google Translate, has announced an update. The recently launched ‘instant camera translation’ feature will allow users to translate not only typed word into a different language, but also pictures that need translating. All the user would need to do is snap a shot of the object that the text is written on, highlight the text that needs translation, and click ‘translate’, and voila, there it is – instant translation!

This update is especially useful to travelers, as they can use the app to translate instructions, shop names, websites, brochures, road signs and menus conveniently when in a foreign country. All they will need, is decent internet connectivity and an iPhone or Android camera. Here are all the languages the app allows you to translate in. 

Screen Shot 2018-10-13 at 11.45.36 PM

Read the detailed instructions on how to use the instant camera translation feature on Google Translate Help.

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