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Strongest Passports in the World Revealed – Including UAE

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In the war to make traveling more accessible and easy, Japan and Singapore have been battling neck to neck for a while now. Earlier this month however, it was recorded that Japan has swapped Singapore for the top spot in the Hanley & Partners’ rigorous ranking list for the strongest passports in the world.

The upgrade that Japan scored in the list was because of its recent declaration of visa-free entry to Myanmar, making it the only passport that can enter 190 countries visa-free or through visa on arrival. That pushed Germany down to #3 on the list for the first time since 2014, along with France and South Korea, allowing entry to 188 countries.

UAE is another country to have seen a remarkable improvement in the Index, as it has ascended from the 62nd place in 2006 to 21st place in 2018, which also makes its passport the strongest in the Middle Eastern region.


US & UK are 11th on the list along with Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal and Norway, having access to 186 countries.

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One response to “Strongest Passports in the World Revealed – Including UAE”

  1. Gajraj Singh Sachan Avatar
    Gajraj Singh Sachan

    Very good info.
    We wonder whether we cud get visa on arrival at kuaalumpur tomorrow morning, will try, hope it works out.


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