The Graffiti Tour – Toronto

Last month, while walking down the Spadina Avenue in Toronto, I accidently found an alley tucked amid the Chinatown with no website online or a name board on-site. It was colourful, with murals beautifully splattered on the walls. There were writings including those of SKAM, empowering love and self-acceptance walls, and other visual delights. Ranging from Spadina to Portland Avenue, the alley helped me see a very important cultural aspect of Toronto – Grafitti – and a symbolism of its wide acceptance.

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You can go on a walking tour of Toronto that includes this alley by reading my latest post on Canada. Visiting the Alley is free of charge, and it takes approximately 15-20 minutes to see it. Be sure to take your camera though, as this colourful haven can earn your Instagram feed some flaunt-worthy pictures!





One response to “The Graffiti Tour – Toronto”

  1. Mad Hatters NYC Avatar

    I love street art! Some of these are absolutely amazing, I particularly love the colorful fish wall you posed in front of, as well as the portraits. Toronto’s been on my list to revisit for a while, this is definitely more motivation 🙂


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