World’s Largest Mall To Open In Dubai By 2021

Dubai Square Rendering

Nestled in the heart of Dubai Creek Harbour, Dubai Square is set to be world’s largest mall by 2021. This futuristic mall will be a “shopping destination”, with themed avenues inspired by London’s Oxford Street, Los Angeles’s Beverly Hills, Paris’s Champs-Élysées and Tokyo’s Ginza. Directly accessible by Dubai Creek Tower, Dubai Square will have three floors with lush landscaping, natural lighting and LED-tech interactive backdrops.

Establishing a middle ground between online and in-store shopping, the mall will allow “omnichannel retailing”, which means customers can interactively order store items on their phones or iPads before picking them up at the store. But that’s not all; we could also expect VIP dressing rooms with smart mirrors, 3D printing facilities and fashion museums.

For thrill-seekers, there will be an “Ice Adventure”, a waterpark and a sports arena. Concerts and performances will be hosted in an entertainment venue which will showcase cutting-edge sound and lighting system.

Last but not least, the mall will feature an “Art District” with works of renowned artists like Janet Echelman, Mark Quinn, and Emmanuel Moreaux. Regular art exhibitions will also be held every now and then.

A haven for one and all, Dubai Square will be one mall we could all impatiently look forward to.

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