Celebrating the Festival of Lights – Diwali – with Sachans


In the auspicious eve of Diwali – the festival of lights – Indians around the world clean their houses to rid it of any impurities. They light candles in every nook and corner and round-out the night (and the week) with social gatherings, fire-crackers and toothsome traditional sweets.

Diwali first came to be when Lord Rama (as in Hindu mythology) retuned home from a 14-year exile after successfully having won a war against Ravana (10-headed demon). The city of Ayodhaya lit up with celebratory hope, happiness and candles upon his return.


Here in Dubai, we decorated our house with lights and outdoor seating to kick off Diwali and the colder UAE weather. It was a refreshing week of house-cleansing and Diwali prepping. On November 2, we celebrated with a pre-Diwali gathering – fireworks and dhol Bhangra (Punjabi dance form) over dinner. The aroma of fresh garlands swept our house and candle lights flickered from the winds. To top it all up, we served laddus and gulab jamun along with other desserts and traditional drinks.


But the real treat is yet to come, when it is the day of Diwali (November 7). Here’s wishing everyone a very happy and safe Diwali ❤

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