Ryanair’s New Baggage Policy

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Ryanair has introduced a new baggage policy that will further restrict allowance for its flyers. While earlier, two carry-on luggage items (a small suitcase and a handbag) were allowed without any extra charges, as long as they were under 55x40x20cm and 10kg requirements, since November 1 passengers are only going to be permitted one handbag-sized carry-on bag (35cm x 20cm x 20cm). This is because they want to avoid luggage that doesn’t fit under passengers’ front seat altogether.

Those who do have a small suitcase in addition to a small bag, will have to now pay £8 to check it in if it is 10kg and £25 if it is 20kg. The loophole in this new policy, however, is that passengers that choose the “priority boarding” option for £6 will still be allowed to take two bags – a personal one and a small suitcase as before. This means that passengers could avoid being ripped off by opting for the priority boarding option.

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  1. John Aiwone says:

    Was gutted when I found out about this, considering that the quality of the service from Ryanair is typically a joke. But nevertheless it hasn’t derailed myself (and hopefully others) from travelling as economically as possible and I’m also glad to hear there’s a loophole to exploit too 😊

    Johnny | Johnny’s Traventures


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