World’s Biggest Airport in is Set to Open in Istanbul


Set to become world’s biggest airport by 2028, Turkey’s Istanbul Airport had recently opened its doors to its first-ever travellers. The project that started in 2015 and took 200 thousand people to build had successfully executed its “first phase” on October 29, and is now moving on to the “second phase”. An inaugural flight flew from the airport to Ankara on October 31.

Parts of Turkish culture are being embedded into the architecture, as the interiors will boast designs inspired by the country’s mosques, baths, historic structures and Islamic art motifs. In aims to create an “airport city”, the structure will house over 500 check-in counters spread across many terminals, six runways for 233 aircrafts, and entertainment venues like an art arena and a shopping mall with the world’s biggest Duty Free. For overnight travellers, there will be residences and hotels.


While 200 million passengers will be able to roam about in the airport upon completion,  it is currently able to accommodate 90 million passengers. Cutting-edge technology is being installed to ensure a smooth airport journey for travellers, as it will include talking objects, wireless internet, biometric screening and pre-ordering apps.

The first phase has 2 runways at a terminal and the next three phases are in order. Since the construction is still in its initial stages, there is free parking for travellers until December 30, 2018.

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