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In this world, across oceans, mountains and lands, I’ve found home. Born and bought up in Dubai (U.A.E), I got a good taste of city life. But luxuries didn’t consume me- nowhere close. I spent two years of my middle school in India only to learn that life isn’t always as simple as it looked. Through folds of skin that I shed – of happiness, depression and wrath, the artist in me fought its way out, into the light. I became a poet, jotting my heart and soul down in words that rhymed. Got published twice in Kidz herald newspaper in 2011 and went back to Dubai to graduate from high school with an International Baccalaureate degree.

I flew literally and metaphorically when I got to USA in 2014. Started with BBA in Virginia and after an Editorial Internship at Filmfare/Femina Magazine Dubai, I learnt that business wasn’t my cup of tea. From the dryness to the spring of its nature, I switched majors to Journalism and Writing at James Madison University and I couldn’t be merrier.

I’m like an empty book being filled with colors of life that I embark upon. Traveling around the planet and having my own style are the two things that make me and I can’t wait to share with you the experiences and adventures that unfold!

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