• Central Florida- Spring Break 2017

    Central Florida- Spring Break 2017

    Get a look at Central Florida through my spring break pictures

  • The Two-Faced World – Orlando, Florida

    The Two-Faced World – Orlando, Florida

    how many things you do on a daily basis actually have a profound impact on you? This trip to Orlando changed my life

  • Top Five Must-Eats at Downtown Harrisonburg

    Top Five Must-Eats at Downtown Harrisonburg

    Harrisonburg, a little town amongst the many valleys of Virginia known for it’s abundant array of good eats – But this time, I am not talking about James Madison University’s highly ranked food in the US; rather, this is about those few places that you cannot afford to miss, whether you are a visitor or a townie. While I usually have an inclination toward…

  • When In Boston, Massachusetts

    It’s neither the city nor the nature – it’s a little bit of both. fast yet slow, noisy yet quiet, and bustling with expats from all over the world aside from natives- this city is well rounded. Much to my convenience, the flight from IAD to BOS was 1.35 hr which got exceeded by another half an…