New York: He Who Gave Graffiti a Voice

Banksy Does New York Documentary Was it the mystery behind who Banksy (or Ban-Sky as he calls himself) is, or the crazy amount of audience that earned his graffiti (or art work, as media sees it) respect? What authorities often times call vandalism, is glorified in HBO’s 2014 original documentary film: Banksy Does New York. … Continue reading New York: He Who Gave Graffiti a Voice


Nepal Diaries: Top Five Places To Visit In Kathmandu

Have you ever felt intoxicated, amazed and exhausted all at the same time? Yes, that’s exactly what Nepal’s capital city can effortlessly stir within you. In spite of the jam-packed traffic and thick pollution, Kathmandu has a distinctive aura. With temples and monasteries in every corner, this city instantly has you dancing to its beat. … Continue reading Nepal Diaries: Top Five Places To Visit In Kathmandu


The breeze that knows not how to grow weary after a stormy winter startled me this spring day. Cherry Blossom and Kite festival In D.C., a delightful annual event to volunteer in, where echos of nature drove playfulness in people that came from all over the world, to be made one. The winds were in our … Continue reading CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL – WASHINGTON D.C.


Amongst the beautiful valleys in Virginia lie some of the most historically prevalent structures- discovered and undiscovered. I am going to tell you about a place you haven't seen before- The Swannanoa Mansion. A relaxing Thursday afternoon, I sat sharing a celebratory coffee with my roommate and best friend Jessica, who recently earned the title of graduate assistant … Continue reading SWANNANOA – THE ABANDONED MANSION

The two faced world – Orlando, Florida

This one was like a spring break that I had never experienced before. You do a lot of things in life but how many things you do on a daily basis, actually have a profound impact on you? I spent the past week doing something I never had before- service. I signed up for an … Continue reading The two faced world – Orlando, Florida

Advantages of Traveling Solo

Arushi Sachan, Feb 2017 After walking on the streets of New York for hours in a row last thanksgiving, I went to Starbucks to take a little break and enjoy my green tea latte, as I stared outside the glass window at how people passed- they came and went, just like the season itself, and I … Continue reading Advantages of Traveling Solo


It's neither the city nor the nature - it's a little bit of both. fast yet slow, noisy yet quiet, and bustling with expats from all over the world aside from natives- this city is well rounded. Much to my convenience, the flight from IAD to BOS was 1.35 hr which got exceeded by another half an … Continue reading BOSTON, MA