• Trevor Daneliuk – Hitchhiking Across USA

    Trevor Daneliuk – Hitchhiking Across USA

    You get to know the places you travel through the eyes of the locals, and that is something you don’t always get traveling in more common ways.

  • KAZI SHERPA – The Mount Everest Record Breaker

    KAZI SHERPA – The Mount Everest Record Breaker

    A Nepali Mountaineer, Kazi Sherpa, defied all odds, as he set forth for a record breaking journey – to climb the highest peak in the world aka the Mount Everest (8,848 m) in only 20 hours and 24 minutes without supplemental oxygen

  • Khubaib Amir – The Young & Dauntless Entrepreneur

    Khubaib Amir – The Young & Dauntless Entrepreneur

    A coffee with the 20 year old Entrepreneur, Khubaib Amir, made almost everything in this planet possible to achieve. He is driven and dauntless, studying B.B.A at Middlsex University in Dubai and at the same time handling his business- Lean & Clean Restaurant in Al Mamzar. To us, it looks like a lot of work but…

  • Lara Tabet- Dubai’s Unstoppable Charm

    Lara Tabet- Dubai’s Unstoppable Charm

    A heart to heart with Dubai’s ‘It girl’ revealed that there is always a lot more to a person than what meets the eye. The Lebanese beauty Lara Tabet who was a former TV presenter has now spread her eggs in many baskets. She is the head Spokesperson of Arab Fashion Council in ME and the…