F & B – My Story



Being the daughter of a fashion designer, the genes here are natural as could be! I LOVE FASHION AND BEAUTY AND I MEAN IT. 5 years ago, in 2011, I walked the ramp representing my school in a heritage fashion show that was an inter-school competition. It was the first time this shy girl made her mark on stage, the first time glamour got her threading eyebrows and waxing legs. Lets not go to the feeling where your personal makeup artist makes you look on point with cosmetics you didn’t know existed!


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That was then; five years down and I own make up from brands like Mac, Sephora, Bobbi Brown and Estee Lauder. Make up is like art and your face is the canvas. I paint this canvas everyday and reflect whats within, without. Having a knack of complimentary styling gave me an edge in my daily life. I could use my creativity to turn trash into the most valuable delight to the eyes- And thats what fashion is all about.


Just last summer, interning for Filmfare/Femina fashion & lifestyle Bollywood Magazine in Dubai had me flipping pages of issues from 2010-2015. It was a hideous delight, for my tired mind registered very single celebrity’s fashion sense blending their aesthetics to mine and thus weaving a unique style altogether that I find myself dressed up in every single day. I realized that I don’t live in fashion, thats an understatement; it’s vice versa!


My favorite designers?

In my opinion, no one matches the sophistication and legacy that Coco Channel had created and thus far, she is my favorite designer. She created fashion ruthlessly yet gracefully, how it shall be created, hence leaving generations inspired and in awe.

It’s already 2k16 and grace hasn’t stopped flocking around our streets. I thank modern designers like Elie Saab for his gift of flamboyant clothes embroidered finely with a million sequences of grace that fill up our hearts with utter serenity. Ever heard of ‘the graceful sophistication’?