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Nepal, a country often overlooked in terms of travel destination as it is seen as a lost space between India and China, is in fact by far one of the most substantial countries I have ever set foot in. Home to an exquisite marvel of nature, the Himalayan Mountain Range, Nepal has had a luscious history that dates back to the Neolithic Age. On one hand, it is the birth place of Lord Buddha, where a strong belief in Buddhism stems from, and on the other, a home for Hindu monarchs that used texts revived from the Vedic age to reproduce lexicon. Even though Nepal was never colonized, it was always seen as an inheritor of a blend of the Indian and Chinese culture located on its South and North respectively, as it allowed various trade routes between the two.

What sets this country apart is its genuine, down-to-earth people that I got to experience first-hand, as I travelled to Nepal this May. Sponsorship wasn’t an idea with which I started blogging, and to me, this offer seemed like a dream. I left my May semester of University courses in the US to fly to Nepal on a backpack as soon as I got the invitation. Zero regrets, this trip did not only open my eyes in many ways, but also injected my soul with pure drops of purpose.

But I shall pause, before I proceed with everything Nepal has to offer to you; something was taken away from it, from our Nepal. In its grace and magnificence, people do not notice its limping and aching cry for help. In 2015, Nepal was shook by an earthquake of 8.1 vector magnitude. Almost 22K died and unfathomable amounts of infrastructure got lost in the smoke of destruction – an unforeseen dystopia.

I stood on that land last week, exactly two years later- May 2017; My heart crumbled. Thousands of Nepali men and women, working hours in a row to preserve and rebuild what was lost- prevalence of unity. Loss of loved ones echoed as I walked down the brick walls that were constantly being renovated. Strange as it was, wherever I went, people smiled with their glistening pure eyes, as if we were their saviors; we, tourists, who were privileged and futile in every way in that very moment.

The Travel and Tourism Board of Nepal had clearly made genuine efforts to make sure they left no stones unturned for us invitees– a group of travel writers and bloggers. We landed in the capital city of Kathmandu on the 23rd  of May, and spent three days soaking in the rich culture, heritage, and energy there, before we left for a road trip to Pokhara– the gateway city to the Annapurna Mountain circuit, where we climbed the Ghandruk and Pothana Ranges for 2.5 days and spent a day white water rafting in Trishuli river on our way. Having overcome too many challenges as we adventured, our group built a sense of family and a kinship toward the Nepali culture. We celebrated our last day in Pokhara at the International Mountain Museum on the auspicious Mt. Everest day. Come May end, we flew back to Kathmandu and attended the Himalayan Travel Mart from the 1st-4th of June, a platform for all online buyers and sellers to network.

Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 7.38.21 PM

To me however, this trip was so much more than the jest I just gave you. It was a sense of belonging as I meditated amongst monks in a Buddhist Monastery, it was the shared pride in promotion of ecotourism, the number of times strangers smiled at me and said ‘Namaste’, the simple act of running my hand through the fresh water river stream that originated from the mountains I was climbing for the first time, the sense of the fact that everything material can be lost in just a moment from the reconstruction sights that I visited, the satisfaction from the spicy as hell food in the mountains – the food I thought I could never eat, and most of all the realization that there are bigger problems that need solving than my own – an unique sense of inner peace.

One blog post obviously doesn’t do my experience justice; so I have prepared three– ‘How To Be A Nepali in Nepal: A Tourism Guide’, ‘Top Five Places to Visit in Kathmandu’, and ‘My first section-trekking experience in on the Annapurna Mt. Circuit’. I was also very lucky to be able to interview Kaji Sherpa, who broke a record of the fastest climber to Mt.Everest back and forth in just 20 hours and 24 minutes in 1998.

Looking forward to sharing the Nepal blog posts with you this week and the next, and the interview with Mr.Kaji on the 15th of June! Stay tuned 🙂


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33866115545_362cd8a5f8_oWOMEN ARE: 

‘Art. The 9 month home. The painters of grace and love. The poems in his book. Back bone. The mason jar of hope. Magic. The collision of strong and soft. The singing caged bird. The phoenix. A source. Resilient and dauntless. The compassionate badass. Unique. Immortal. Phenomenal.’

———– x ————

Here is a series of choices I didn’t make: I was only 7 when I lost my virginity to a guy who didn’t ask for my permission; 11 when I realized that carving my best friend’s initials on my wrist till I bleed won’t make her come back; 13 when I moved to a new country and was bullied for wearing a ‘long skirt’ to class; 17 when I put on make up and designer clothes to avoid being mocked by my ex and family for being ‘fat’; 19 when I realized I had been cheated on for almost an year.

Here is a choice I did make, though: EMPOWER OR OVERPOWER?


33052358753_1a22be67d5_oI chose to let my experiences empower me rather than overpower. I feel blessed because these early on encounters showed me that no matter what I do or who I become, I am never ‘perfect’ enough as long as I’m a woman. So what did I do? Embrace my imperfection. That has honestly been the most liberating experience of my life. Channelizing my pain gave me a voice – I became a writer and a speaker.

Every woman deserves to know how much she is capable of. My vision is to see women speak up in large crowds, negotiate higher salaries, fight against injustice, love themselves and build each other up.

“I don’t think of myself as a poor deprived ghetto girl who made good. I think of myself as somebody who, from an early age, knew I was responsible for myself, and I had to make good.” – Oprah Winfrey.


Today, at the age of 20, I constantly seek to empower women through blogging, networking and public speaking. I have been a participant in two Women in Leadership Conferences held at James Madison University(2015 & 2017) and an organizing host of International Student Leadership Conference (2016) in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Last fall, I traveled to Austin, Texas to attend the ‘BLOGHER  FOOD’16: Experts amongst us’ which was a large scare conference organized by SheKnows Media, which is a collective network of 79 million women from all over the world. I am also able to influence the importance of embracing, self love and self acceptance by being the Public Relations Chair of James Madison University’s Fashion Club– a community of fashionable and confident women and men.

HOWEVER, one of the most fulfilling developments in my path toward women empowerment manifestation is the Phenomenal Women’s Conference on Saturday, April 15th at JMU, for which I have been given the honor of being the Master of Ceremonies. I am pouring all my passion in anticipation and preparation for this huge event with a capacity of over 100-200 attendees whose curiosity drives them from not only the University itself, but also the entire town of Harrisonburg in Virginia.

As a feminist who supports gender equality, I plan to raise many questions and get my audience’s thinking caps on. Obviously, I do want to open their eyes to the issues in society with hard data and let some of the few most phenomenal facilitating women do the rest in terms of walking our audience as to how they can collectively solve these issues. Our Keynote speaker for this year is Kirsten Moore, who successfully runs a few business in Downtown Harrisonburg, including a huge networking hub for entrepreneurs. The rest of the speakers are being introduced on the event social media: PWC Facebook PWC Instagram.

I will most certainly be writing about the whole conference experience this Sunday, but if you have the chance to make it, you are most certainly welcome to do so! All you have to do is register for free by clicking on this link: PWC 2017 REGISTRATION. It is absolutely free and a great opportunity for what it’s worth! The event is on Saturday, April 15th from 11 am – 4 pm and Breakfast/Lunch is provided by our sponsors.


The good news is that we aren’t the only ones working toward birthing a huge reform. There are millions of people all over the globe who have given their hearts and souls to this cause. Today more than ever, I am grateful to each and everyone of them.

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How I Manage Time As A Student And Blogger?


Being a college student majoring in competitive creative fields like Journalism and Writing, I learnt soon that if I were to commit to blogging, I’d have have to manage time wisely. Like Pareto said “roughly 80% of the effects in life come from 20% of the causes” i.e., it became about how I could hone my skills so that I could get twice the amount of things done within same time-frame.

To make the best of your existence, you would first have to pay 100% attention to yourself and your needs. THREE THINGS: MIND, BODY & SOUL. It is simple; you take care of your mind, and your body takes care of itself. If you are in touch with both your mind’s and body’s needs, you are automatically in touch with your inner being, or your soul.

Three things I do to sharpen my mind that help me manage my time very effectively are:

  1. EAT SMARTPhoto Mar 02-6

I am not saying eat healthy food; I wish someone had told me these food hacks earlier in life. In just two months I saw a huge improvement in my memory and brain capacity as I added a few foods in my life.

The first thing I do every morning is having green tea no matter how much I detest the taste – nothing beats it as a digestive system detoxifier. If you wake up light, you tend to stay light throughout the day.

Then, I mix two walnuts and three almonds in my cereal-milk breakfast. This way, I don’t have to eat them separately. A substitute would be oats and walnut-almond combination in Greek yogurt.

Starting your day with a detox and crunchy mind-sharpening nuts really fuels your system up for the day – not just physically, but also psychologically. You will find yourself wanting to eat light throughout – naturally.

17910925_10210394615195562_392441599_nOmega -3 pills are the messiah in this game. Made of fish oil, they have been known to promote brain health significantly. I bought a bottle of 50 soft gels and eat one a day after lunch. If you start having these three things regularly for a month, you will find your mind functioning a lot better and yourself feeling less tired.



When you get into the ebb and flow of your day-to-day life, you aren’t really pushing your brain to THINK beyond its comfort zone. My ideology is that just like your body, your brain too has a metabolism which needs kick starting early morning or it would lead toward subsequent lethargy.

To combat that, I solve one Sudoku puzzle every morning. If you don’t like Sudoku, you could solve a math problem or a riddle. But doing one every morning while drinking tea can really get your brain cells working. In the long run, it improves your problem-solving skills tremendously.


  1. CHANGE YOUR HABITSphoto-feb-25

It is one thing to know about everything I just told you, and another to breathe it in till it becomes synonymous with who you are. For that door, there is only one KEY- CONSISTENCY. Without consistency, nothing you do in your life can be extraordinary enough.

“What is the most rigorous law of our being? Growth. No smallest atom of our moral, mental, or physical structure can stand still a year. It grows–it must grow smaller or larger, better or worse–it cannot stand still. In other words, we change–and must change, constantly, and keep on changing as long as we live. What, then, is the true Gospel of consistency? Change. Who is the really consistent man? The man who changes. Since change is the law of his being, he cannot be consistent if he’s stuck in a rut.”

-MARK TWAIN, “Consistency,” The Complete Essays of Mark Twain

The point I am trying to make here is that yes, there are days I just cannot do it physically or mentally. But those are the days of real test – when I am all worn and looking for just one beam of light. That is where I have to remember why I started and with belief in myself keep flying and soaring high. It is that one extra mile uphill that isn’t crowded – the one breath away from from personal success.

To do this, start building a relationship with yourself and try to motivate yourself everyday- either through prayers or just words of gratitude. Optimism is your magic potion to self fulfilment because it quickly becomes a lens through which you see all situations in your life- good or bad, and handle real life problems, accordingly.





Scuba Diving – My Freedom

Photo Mar 19
One of the best experiences of my life has been learning how to Scuba Dive. In the beginning of this semester at Uni, I was registering for my classes and I stumbled upon this one-credit Scuba diving class that my university partnered with PADI to offer. I wasn’t able to resist my urge and so I signed up for it.

It’s been three months now, and I am loving every second of my experience. Yes, I was scared as hell in the beginning and I was the least fit of my classmates. But as soon as I did my first few deep dives, I realized that up in the sky isn’t the only world that exists in this planet – there is an infinity down below as well.

Photo Mar 19-4Photo Mar 20Through my third and fourth week, not only was I building leg muscle, I was also experiencing a very peaceful and meditative state of mind whenever I went to the deep end of our school swimming pool (14 m deep dive). The way PADI teaches scuba diving, there is theory and practical learning. The theory consisted of all the physics that you need to know about pressure and how your body deals with it. The practical (and fun) part consisted of learning all skills underwater. I invested in my scuba gear and it costed me around 150$ for good fins and snorkel. This May or June, I will be doing my first open water dive- the final step before I earn my certification. I cannot wait!

Photo Mar 19-3


Arushi Sachan

Why am I hiking The Appalachian Trail?

The nature is so powerful and it had always called me, as if it held my freedom in it’s palms and tempted me through each breath of my life to come and taste it – my own freedom called.

Photo Feb 25-7‘It’s a calling’ – Tom Kennedy

I get asked this question very often- why on earth did I decide to section-hike the Appalachian Trail for two months when everything is going just fine in my life and I’m in the middle of getting my undergraduate degree?

Well theres the catch – when is everything ever just fine?

Last November, my best friend (also my roommate) and I watched watched ‘WILD’, a Reese Witherspoon movie based on a true story of a woman who hiked the entire Pacific Crest Trail in the US west coast after she lost her mother.

That was it. 

I mean it wasn’t. Yes, I was born and bought up in Dubai, but I never did fit in. Cities with glittery lights did touch me, but never as deep as the nature. The nature is so powerful and it had always called me, as if it held my freedom in it’s palms and tempted me through each breath of my life to come and taste it – my own freedom called.

Photo Feb 19-25
Being 20 and having traveled across the globe to come to the US and study amongst the most beautiful valleys that could every be – The Shenandoah, I realized that maybe after all, things do happen for a reason. Like Rumi once wisely said ‘What you seek is seeking you’. 

This isn’t the reason though; but what this is, is a path that might lead me to find out why I am here- my being.

So after watching Wild, this strong urge to hike the Appalachian Trail got triggered within my roommate and I. We made a pact to do it this year in the summer. We both were as serious and clueless at the same time as we could’ve possibly been. For me, the journey began then itself- November 2016. Since then, I have grown tremendously as a human being. The path of soul searching isn’t something you’d have to deter yourself from your present situation to go on, I have learnt- it is an ever-manifesting thought process that simply depends on how strongly you desire it.

I very passionately desire soul searching, and hence, I will be hiking the trail.

I have been doing a lot physically and mentally to prepare myself for it and I will keep writing about it as I go, for it is the journey that I am focusing on and not the destination.

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Photo Apr 02-7

The breeze that knows not how to grow weary after a stormy winter startled me this spring day. Cherry Blossom and Kite festival In D.C., a delightful annual event to volunteer in, where echos of nature drove playfulness in people that came from all over the world, to be made one. The winds were in our favor with a 12℃ temperature and a good business for all the food trucks that surrounded the Washington Monument.

Buzzing with gay people, the atmosphere almost felt like that of a carnival – a good substitute for not being able to be in Japan right now. It made my heart happy.

A few of my close friends and I went to volunteer at the festival. We helped make kites from scratch and got a great opportunity to interact with visitors from all over the United States and also the world. It was truly a delight. The trees were absolutely breathtaking dressed in their pink and white blooms. With the wind, it felt like spring gave us it’s first chill to tell us it is finally here – oh what a grand welcome it demanded.

Photo Apr 02-8Photo Apr 02-9Photo Apr 01-9Photo Apr 01-8Photo Apr 01-11Photo Apr 01-7Photo Apr 02-4Photo Apr 02Photo Apr 01-18Photo Apr 01-15Photo Apr 02-3

Photo Apr 01-6Photo Apr 01-5Photo Apr 02-2

And obviously, I couldn’t have missed out on taking pictures of the beautiful architecture of my walk from the Smithsonian Metro station to the Monument.

Photo Apr 02-6Photo Apr 02-5Photo Apr 01-4Photo Apr 01-3Photo Apr 01-2Photo Apr 01-16Photo Apr 01-13

We ended our eventful evening with a delicious dinner in Falls Church at a Korean Restaurant called GOM TANG E. I got the Chef’s Special Spicy Chicken dish and it was absolutely delicious even though it was on the costlier side of the menu prices- $19.99.


The Cherry Blossom Festival lasts until 16th of April at the same location in Washington D.C. and I recommend everyone to go! Here is the official website- Don’t forget to go checkout their parade next week!

*All the pictures in this post are original and subject to claimed but not legal copyrights. The camera I used to capture these pictures is Canon EOS 50D. For more information, contact me via email or leave your comments in the section below. Please feel free to provide feedback or just share your thoughts!  🙂


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Photo Mar 30-22Amongst the beautiful valleys in Virginia lie some of the most historically prevalent structures- discovered and undiscovered. I am going to tell you about a place you haven’t seen before- The Swannanoa Mansion.

A relaxing Thursday afternoon, I sat sharing a celebratory coffee with my roommate and best friend Jessica, who recently earned the title of graduate assistant for a post-grad degree in occupational therapy. As I expressed my pride in her, she stopped and stared; and I knew in that moment that her mind stirred just another crazy spontaneous idea – “Let me take you to a place where no one goes, you will love it!”

I am not one to say no to adventures, and so we set forth on a 45 minute drive from harrisonburg to Augusta County, with some nice indie music, refreshing conversations and mesmerizing views.

Photo Mar 30-12

We might have crossed the ‘No trespassing’ sign to get to where we did, but hell the destination was worth it – An abandoned mansion just like the Villa Medici in Rome, built by the millionaire James Dooley back in 1912 for his wife Sarah. It is said to have taken a workforce of 300 men and eight years of hard work to assemble this symbol of love with absolutely gorgeous Georgian white marbles and Italian gardens.

Photo Mar 30-13Photo Mar 30-3Photo Mar 30-10Photo Mar 30-9

What added to it’s beauty was the aura. I was impressed by the ability of this structure to take me to a different era. It really felt like I was in 1900’s when this place could’ve been a perfect mountain retreat in the midst of industrialization and transportation that flooded towns during the Gilded Age.

Seeing the cracks in the marble and creepers that grew over the years evoked so much within me. It inspired me in a lot ways- How could something so beautiful exist?

Photo Mar 30-4Photo Mar 30-5Photo Mar 30-7Photo Mar 30-14Photo Mar 30-21

And as we walked around, we saw the unreal view one the Blue Ridge Valley as the sun was setting.

Photo Mar 30-8Photo Mar 30-17Photo Mar 30-23Photo Mar 30-16Photo Mar 30-11

*All the pictures in this post are original and subject to claimed but not legal copyrights. The camera I used to capture these pictures is Canon EOS 50D. For more information, contact me via email or leave your comments in the section below. Please feel free to provide feedback or just share your thoughts! 🙂


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We all find ways to fill some light in the voids that reside within us. For me, it was the journey of self acceptance. Filling my void with self love has been the most beautiful thing I have ever experienced.

Photo Feb 19-20You are whole

From your soft skin

To your dark brown eyes

And the dimple when you smile

Your wrinkles under those eyes pile

This is how you know

You are whole

And darling

You smell like the first bloom of spring

Your sound like the soft hum of summer

Like the glistening water you flow

And like whistling winds you blow

You are something else

Made up of shards of Art

How you paint everything red

And love yourself to the bone

How you give birth to flowers

With words you build broken towers

You are that Art

Chasing every mystery

Breathing through your reverie

Falling in love with the unknown

Till you break like dawn

And all your demons are gone

For you transform into infinity

Oh dear warrior

How you wink at this tempest

The way you swallow every single moment

These fleeting arrows you bear

Feel those sturdy wings you wear

Seeping through your skins cracks

I see, your beautiful warrior

And then Everything

From the collisions in this Universe

And earth’s unending attempts to meet the moon

To a fertile mind bearing heaven and hell

How every wrong you live to quell

Pouring grace like that of a goddess

And a mouth with a subtle yet poisonous sting

To me,

You are fucking Everything


Top 5 Useful Tips To Prepare For The AT

Photo Mar 16

Last Thursday, I had the pleasure of meeting Chandler Thomas, A 23 year old broker who who left his job to thru-hike the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine – An extraordinary step in an ordinary life. Lucky for me, I met him just in time, before he set off to leave from Virginia to Georgia this Saturday.

What? The AT? To which he smirked, having earned and saved enough to sustain himself for two years. He must indeed be a great salesperson.

When did it come to him? At the mere age of 16, when he watched ‘Into The Wild’, an Emile Hirsch movie that dazzled so many, and he became just another fan who failed to resist buying the novel, which deeply inspired him to make this trip. He lived all these years since, actively dreaming about hiking the AT at least once a month- No surprise that he has manifested his passionate thought finally.

So what were his five KILLER TIPS to help us prepare for the AT? Or for that matter, any long duration hike?

  1. RESEARCHScreen Shot 2017-03-20 at 10.29.25 PM

Do your research few months ahead of your hike. It is a good place to start as it helps you organize your thoughts. Watch YouTube videos, watch vlogs and read as much as you can. Chandler’s recommendations:


  1. COMMUNITYPhoto Feb 25-6

You are not the only one who has made the brave decision to sacrifice your 9-5 life to be able to hike the trail. Connect with the AT hiking community through different platforms and get to know them. Chandler’s recommendations:

  • AT Reddit
  • Internet connectivity: Social Media platforms and YouTube following


  1. FOODScreen Shot 2017-03-20 at 10.30.52 PM

The most important question for me- how do you deal with food on long hikes? Chandler seems to have it all figured out with sufficient food for the first five days until he could buy the next bunch. He says it depends on whether you like warm food or you are okay with cold; that is the deciding factor to whether you’d need a portable stove or not. But keep in mind that the stove increases the overall weight- so only buy it if necessary.

He packed a lot of chocolates, candies, tinned food, tortillas and Nutella. He also suggested to have them available at hands length somewhere on the sides of your backpack where you could easily grab them on the go without having to stop, wait and eat.


  1. GEARPhoto Mar 11-13

It is of vital importance that the gear is of good quality (i.e. durability factor) and it fits you well. Hence, Chandler asks us to buy all the gear at once toward the end, since it can be expensive.

So how do we plan our gear? The BIG THREE, he said:


A great resource to have the entire set up at the bare minimum weight is Erik the Black’s Ultralight Backpacking Gear List (2016). It’s best to stay between 40 lbs to 60 lbs. A few things to keep in mind are the temperature you’ll you be hiking in, and personal preferences. But at any cost, be prepared to stay protected from the heavy rains as they are unavoidable in the AT no matter what time of the year you decide to hike. It’s viable to get a pair of crocs and a net to protect yourself from insects. Remember to get something to keep you busy– a couple of journals or a go pro; music helps a lot.

The two equipment companies that Chandler recommends are:


  1. TRAININGimg_6515

Training for the AT is a two-step process: Physical and Mental. You can train physically by going on regular weekend hikes with heavy backpacks or simply walk miles in a row on side-walks to find out your all-day-pace. This will increase your stamina considerably. The primary focus should be your legs as the backpack’s heavy weight can cause knee problems potentially as you hike for miles in a row.

Mental strength can be increased in doses. It is good to keep going when you are the least motivated- that is the real test of your mental strength. A little discipline and avoiding a lot of social media indulgence can go a long way. Positivity is the key, though.

Talking to Chandler was very insightful as I not only gained access to these great resources, but also made an awesome friend that I might potentially meet through my section-hike this summer. I am excited to walk for days in a row in a bare-minimum-survival mode and develop a relationship with mother nature as I go. Watch out for more about my preparations for the trail as I blog about it bi-weekly under the new website category: ‘The Appalachian Trail’.

Follow Chandler and his adventures on instagram: WE THE WAYFARERS


Arushi Sachan






On Sunday, 5th of March, I had the opportunity of seeing the 39th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Winter Park, which is the only one of it’s kind in Central Florida. A delight to the eyes of  locals and foreigners, a total of 75 organizations/units participated. The only difference that make the whole experience unique, was that they were not the only ones to participated- The audience was equally as involved in their shamrock green dresses and joyful spirited attitudes. Yes, there was Irish music, some killer tap dance moves and  hundreds of happy people. Here are a few snapshots that I took at the N Park Ave and E Morse Blvd intersection.

Photo Mar 06-11

Photo Mar 06-15

Photo Mar 06-10

Photo Mar 06-14

Photo Mar 06-12

Photo Mar 06-8

Photo Mar 06-7

Photo Mar 06-6

Photo Mar 06-4

Photo Mar 06-5

Photo Mar 06-13

Read more about how I spent my last week in Orlando, Fl over spring break: The two faced world – Orlando, Florida

Also, check out all the fun places I visited during my downtime in Central Florida: Central Florida- Spring Break 2017

*All the pictures in this post are original and subject to claimed but not legal copyrights. The camera I used to capture these pictures is Canon EOS 50D. For more information, contact me via email or leave your comments in the section below. Please feel free to provide feedback or just share your thoughts! 🙂


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