WOMEN ARE:  'Art. The 9 month home. The painters of grace and love. The poems in his book. Back bone. The mason jar of hope. Magic. The collision of strong and soft. The singing caged bird. The phoenix. A source. Resilient and dauntless. The compassionate badass. Unique. Immortal. Phenomenal.' ----------- x ------------ Here is a … Continue reading BEING A WOMAN: OVERPOWER OR EMPOWER?


Crushing 4 most common misconceptions about fashion

Early on in life, I began to develop strong feelings of dislike toward fashion due to the stigma associated with it. But it was never fashion that was the root of the problems; it was society's standards of beauty - be it for men or women, and whats worse? it became their bible, consequently leading to self doubt, … Continue reading Crushing 4 most common misconceptions about fashion

Top three winter fashion trends

Hello ladies! It's that time of the year again when all eyes are on YOU. What are you wearing, where are you celebrating and with whom!? everyone wants to know and you and you want to show them just how well you got these few days of immense pressure under your control! I am about to tell you the top … Continue reading Top three winter fashion trends

Hello, Winter…

Oh last few days Before you take the sun away I’m beginning to steal your gaze As you are beginning to steal my ways Oh last few days Before all trees take off their clothes to reveal the truth Sprinkling, our ambitions the snow will slowly steer Dwindling, our wines will gradually disappear Oh last … Continue reading Hello, Winter…