Havasu Falls, The Hidden Treasure of Planet

Havasu Falls, a dreamy name, a dreamy place. “It is next to impossible to secure tickets, but I will try.” said Jessica, my partner in adventure, scrolling through the pictures of the seductive pure turquoise-painted waterfalls. It was surreal and to not see it now that I knew of it, would be my loss at … Continue reading Havasu Falls, The Hidden Treasure of Planet


Advantages of Traveling Solo

Arushi Sachan, Feb 2017 After walking on the streets of New York for hours in a row last thanksgiving, I went to Starbucks to take a little break and enjoy my green tea latte, as I stared outside the glass window at how people passed- they came and went, just like the season itself, and I … Continue reading Advantages of Traveling Solo

Tips to Survive a Long Haul Flight

While it's an awesome feeling to be flying high in the sky, long flights can get tiring too quickly. I travel at least four times a year back and forth from USA to Dubai to meet my family during vacations. However, I dread the flight part, since it takes up to 16 hours non-stop to get … Continue reading Tips to Survive a Long Haul Flight