Dubai – A Dive Into The Future

Dubai is a visionary's playground, an architect's artwork and a traveler's paradise. Very often we take what we have so readily available for granted. Somewhere along the lines of yearning to dip my soul in every shore of this planet, I left the shores of my birthplace itself unacknowledged. It is almost astounding how much … Continue reading Dubai – A Dive Into The Future


Nepal Diaries: Top Five Places To Visit In Kathmandu

Have you ever felt intoxicated, amazed and exhausted all at the same time? Yes, that’s exactly what Nepal’s capital city can effortlessly stir within you. In spite of the jam-packed traffic and thick pollution, Kathmandu has a distinctive aura. With temples and monasteries in every corner, this city instantly has you dancing to its beat. … Continue reading Nepal Diaries: Top Five Places To Visit In Kathmandu

A Wanderlust Daydream

I am one distracted adult. It is 7 pm on a Thursday night and I am on the second last row in my Geology class of 60 students, fidgeting in restlessness, ready to leave for the day. Right, my legs can’t always wander, so this imaginative mind takes over for it. Somewhere in between plate … Continue reading A Wanderlust Daydream


The breeze that knows not how to grow weary after a stormy winter startled me this spring day. Cherry Blossom and Kite festival In D.C., a delightful annual event to volunteer in, where echos of nature drove playfulness in people that came from all over the world, to be made one. The winds were in our … Continue reading CHERRY BLOSSOM FESTIVAL – WASHINGTON D.C.

Advantages of Traveling Solo

Arushi Sachan, Feb 2017 After walking on the streets of New York for hours in a row last thanksgiving, I went to Starbucks to take a little break and enjoy my green tea latte, as I stared outside the glass window at how people passed- they came and went, just like the season itself, and I … Continue reading Advantages of Traveling Solo

Tips to Survive a Long Haul Flight

While it's an awesome feeling to be flying high in the sky, long flights can get tiring too quickly. I travel at least four times a year back and forth from USA to Dubai to meet my family during vacations. However, I dread the flight part, since it takes up to 16 hours non-stop to get … Continue reading Tips to Survive a Long Haul Flight

My 2017 Travel Bucket List

Arushi Sachan, February 2017   If there is anything that consumes me, it is the thought of being far away, somewhere in another part of this globe. Ever since I could remember, I’d stare at maps for hours thinking about how the earth was formed, how the the lines dividing the countries came into being, … Continue reading My 2017 Travel Bucket List

Top 4 Struggles of an International Student in The US

Arushi Sachan, February 2017 Being a third culture kid born and bought up in the city blooming with internationalism- Dubai, I've never really 'belonged' to any specific country; I considered the world as my home. Fortunately, so did my parents; they let me spread my wings and fly beyond horizons. Ever since I could remember, I would … Continue reading Top 4 Struggles of an International Student in The US